Australian Movie Posters

One-sheet 27x40 Like the One-sheet always printed on paper stock, the quality of which has improved greatly over the years. Up until the late 1970s these were mainly issued machine-folded to cinemas (most commonly with 1 vertical fold, 3 horizontal). After this time some began to be issued rolled, and now all are sent in this way.

Daybill 15"x40", 13"x30", 13"x26" printed on paper stock with a size that has changed several times. The format is generally like the US Insert, although usually with different artwork.

Mad Love - Australian One Sheet Haloween - Australian Daybill
27"x40" 13.5"x27"

3-sheet 41"x81" Like the US 3-sheet but sometimes featuring different artwork. Issued folded in anything from 1 to 4 sections

Goldfinger - Australian 3-sheet

Japanese Movie Posters

B2 20x29 The most popular size of poster in Japan. The equivalent of the US 1-sheet.

B1 40x29 Essentially the size of two B2 posters. Either in landscape or portrait form.

Godzilla - Japanese B2 North by North West - Japanese B2
20"x29" 20"x29"

B0 40x58 The largest poster of all, the size of two B1 posters.

B3 14"x20" Also known as Nakazuri, these are like miniature B2 sized posters.

B5 7"x10" Also known as Chirashi, these are the equivalent of a US Herald. i.e. something that would be handed out rather than displayed.

Sound of Music - Japanese B1

Speed 10x20 The Japanese equivalent of a US insert. Exact sizes vary.

STB 20"x58" Similar form to the Speed poster but larger, and consisting of two separate sections.

Horror of Dracular - Japanese Speed

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